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Can you guarantee a number #1 position in the search engines?

Nobody can control search engine so no one can give a guarantee for #1 position or any specific ranking for your website on a given “key phrase”. The only means of ranking well in search engine like “Google”, “Yahoo” etc is to naturally convince them that your site is providing apt information on that particular keyword. We at Industrial Webcenter can guarantee that our expertise SEO team will do everything that is in our power for ranking your site on the top for a given query.

Why are SEO services so expensive?

SEO is the most cost effective form of online advertising with a high return on investment. Think about other means of your advertising, your business spends on radio, TV, newspaper, magazines, print advertising, yellow pages ads etc. Compare these costs, SEO would probably cost you much less and still will deliver better results. No doubt Search Engine optimization is a time consuming process but yet the most efficient way to promote your business online.

How long does it take for SEO results to kick in?

Search Engine Optimization results depends upon the age of domain. New website generally takes longer time to get rank. The sooner your site is well optimized meeting all the results that search engine spider look while crawling your website, the better your site ranking will be.

Does every page of my website really need to be optimized?

It depends totally upon visitors via which page of your website they will visit your site. Every individual page of your website can act as a potential entry point for visitors. Each page must be individually optimized to improve search engine ranking. It is better to highlight a single common theme via all the pages of your website.