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Ad Words

Google's text advertising system, which is based on Cost Per Click.

Alt tags

Alt Tags short form of an alternate text which gets displayed when an internet user put the mouse cursor over graphics. A good relevant keyword should be on the alt tags, conveying what the graphic is for or about.

Anchor text

Anchor Text is the actual text part of a link used by Search Engine as an important ranking factor.

Back Links

Also known as inbound link, links that will take a visitor to a site or a page upon clicking.


Cost per Click. Paid when a link is clicked upon.


Cascading Style Sheet. Used to easily manipulate and affect the design of a web page.


A type of search engine where site are listed by human efforts and later human editors reviewed & summarized listing.

Heading Tag

Standard HTML tags such as <h1> and <h2>, often used to denote a page or section heading on a web page. Most search engines give extra weight and importance to text found within these tags.


This is an acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language - it is the primary markup language used to create websites.

Inbound Link

This is a hypertext link to a page from another site, bringing traffic to that page. Inbound links are used to calculate link popularity.


A word that a search engine user might use to find relevant web page.

Link Exchange

Requesting links from webmasters of other sites for the purpose of increasing your "link popularity" and "Page Rank."

Meta tags

Meta tags are HTML entities, placed within the section of a web page. Two of the most well-known meta tags are the meta description and meta keywords.

Page View

A measurement of the number of pages viewed by end users, which also reflects how popular one’s website.

Page Rank

A value between 0 and 10 assigned by the Google algorithm, which quantifies link popularity.


The string of text found between the tags in the header of an HTML document.


XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, and promises more efficient and organized delivery of data over the internet.