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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource planning helps suppliers, manufacturers or distributors enjoy unimaginable benefits.

Suppliers need their departments to collaborate and connect, yet the systems in use for accounting, order management; inventory, production and web are often separate and hard to connect. To process and ship orders, your operations need real-time information on credit histories; inventory and order issues and they need the tools to address those issues. Your marketing team needs to understand buyer behavior and you need accurate snap shots of your orders, outstanding collections, inventory and issues at anytime.

Industrial Web Center’s ERP solves your key problems:

Your website connects with and works with your ERP. Product and order information flows to and from your website without needing manual intervention.

One system – one business - Customer management, order processing, inventory and accounting systems are not separate but work together as part of one connected system. There is no loss of time or information. 

• Sales Order processing is completely customized to meet your requirements including management of artwork and charges.
• Sales Orders with issues are automatically identified along with the details of issues and exceptions to be managed.
• Purchase orders are linked to Vendor and Inventory information.

One System connects to every other. ERP has built in connectors for legacy systems commonly used by suppliers/manufacturers or distributors, in case you business needs to.

Industrial Web Center’s ERP delivers barrier free collaboration:

Each department is seamlessly connected over the intranet. Customer service knows how much stock is there, if the client is a credit risk, can they commit to a time line, anything that is discussed with the client can be entered and tracked using the built in CRM. Accounts / Finance can flag customers whose payments are due or are a credit risk. Manufacturing knows what is in the pipe line and take a decision to place order or not. With this level of collaboration your business works seamlessly. Decisions are based on knowledge and not guess work or wrong information. The key modules that are part of the system-

• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable & Order Entry
• Accounts Payable & Purchasing
• Inventory Control
• Integrated POS System
• Integrated CRM System
• Web Based Desk System
• ASPX Reports Engine
• Payroll
• Credit Card Processing Component (Optional)
• Reports (Business intelligence & reporting)