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Content Management Solution

Websites have become an integral part of almost every sphere of business.

With responsibilities like communicating with clients as well as customers, disseminating business information, managing transactions, etc riding high on the wake of global e-commerce, it becomes all the more important for the websites to remain refreshed on the run.

Ensuring that the content on your website is updated, relevant and constantly interesting is what makes people visit your site often.

Such a practice also leads to much better rankings in the search engine results.

New products or services offering, extensions, event related information, customer support initiatives, company news, event markers, client testimonials are but some of the few things that would need to change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Such a need for constant and rapid changes leads to the "ripple effect", and the size and dynamics of successful business sites make it almost impossible to be effectively handled by a small team of staff. Automation of managing the changes to the web content is the current and single most important consideration in the web world.

Not all Web content management solutions are created equal.

Choosing a content management solution that doesn''t properly address your requirements can make it difficult to enhance the site''s functionality, size, or scope and would eventually constrain the productivity and growth of your business.

Here''s where we step in with our expertise and experience – by first assessing your business requirements, developing scenarios, and identifying all the end-result expectations that you have from a good content management system.

Right from the design philosophy behind the solution, to the architecture employed, our CMS creations are proven to save time and money, improve communications, and enhance the avenues of profitability.

In addition, our content management systems also provide the scalability, flexibility, and enterprise system interoperability to fulfill all future site requirements - an important consideration when the future can arrive in a matter of months, or even weeks!

Here are a few points to help you define your content management requirements.

•  Frequency at which the content would need to be updated
•  Fixed schedules for changes to be done
•  Type and extent of content changes that would be required – any real time changes involved
• The "ripple effect" associated with content changes (i.e., number of pages affected by a single change) and the effort required to identify and update all such pages
•  Sources for the site content and their delivery, location and time logistics
•  Different types of content formats (e.g., image, video, and other media files) used
•  Need for delivering customized content based on the site user profile
• Whether the content is viewable across different browsing devices other than PCs- like PDAs, Mobiles, and Palmtops etc.
•  Support for multiple languages and time zones
•  Version archiving and an audit trail capturing

Now if the above sounds daunting, take heart. Actually, a good content management needs to consider even much more!

To make matters simpler for you and save you your time to focus on the core business concerns, we offer you solutions for all of the above and beyond.

A brief list of our CMS features would include:

An easy to install and configure system, choice of tools for the designers, use of common desktop applications while working in different environments, content storage in commonly used repositories, support for existing directory and membership services, use of industry-standard technologies, minimal training requirements, reusable content and design elements and template-based authoring and presentation.

Our approach for delivering such unique content management solutions takes into account several critical elements like template-based web content publishing and presentation, centralized control of site design elements, content-component site architecture and dynamic serving of web pages and the use of WYSIWYG editor.

While making your choice, do remember that content management has now become an all-important strategic requirement, and the content management system needs to be viewed as a core business system to sustain and improve the overall business performance.

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